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History of the founders of Christian denominations

Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in the year 33. with an UNBROKEN line of successors to Saint Peter (the apostle/ first Pope) in the Catholic (universal) Church- the original Christian Church Our Lord named Peter the future leader of His Church, when He said to him "Thou art Peter (Rock), and upon this rock I will build MY Church.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 16:17-20). It was the Catholic church (done by Pope St. Damasus I at the Council of Rome in 380 AD and the Council of Carthage in 392 AD.) that the first Bible was compiled. 

The Luteran Church. 1517 AD.  Founded by a man, Martin Luther, an ex-monk of the Roman Catholic Church, who violated his sacred vows of both obedience and celibacy. Luther created a brand new protestant bible by throwing out 7 books of the bible he personally didn't agree with, and added the word "alone" after the word "faith", in Romans 3:28, in order to make the verse agree with his view of what it should have said (faith alone).  This alteration of sacred scripture directly contradicts James 2:24. Luther also called the Catholic Church "the whore of Babylon", and he said that the Pope was the antichrist (someone who denies that Jesus is God). 

Dutch Reformed Church   founded by a man Michaelis Jones in 1628. 

The Anabaptist church – 1520 AD.  Founded by men, Nicholas Storch, and Thomas Münzer, former Lutherans. The Anabaptists rejected infant baptism and were denounced by Martin Luther.  This "reformation of the reformation" is proof positive that the doctrine of "scripture alone" is false. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been more than one interpretation of scripture and no need for an anabaptist church that totally ignores Luke 18:15-17.

Salvation Army   founded by a man William Booth in 1865

The Mennonite church – 1525 AD.  Founded by men, Grebel, Mantz, and Blaurock, in Switzerland, as an offshoot of the Anabaptists. It derived its name from Menno Simons, a former Catholic priest.

The Baptist church – 1606 AD.  Founded by a man, John Smyth, who launched it in Amsterdam, as an offshoot of the Mennonites. Baptists reject infant baptism as contrary to the Scriptures and accept immersion as the sole valid mode of baptism.

The Amish church – 1693 AD.  Founded by a man, Jacob Amman, a Swiss Bishop. Also, a breakaway from the Mennonite church. His followers were called the "Amish." While like the Mennonites, they differ in language, dress, and interpretation of the Bible.

Christian Scientist Church   was founded by a woman Mary Baker Eddy in 1879.

The Anglican Church/Church of England – 1534 AD.  Founded by a man, King Henry VIII, as a direct result of the Pope not granting him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Many a Catholic priest was tortured and killed because of the very aroused Henry trying to find another young maiden for his pleasure. The Queen of England is the current head of the Anglican Church.

The Presbyterian church – 1560 AD.  founded by a man, John Knox, in Scotland. Based on the personal beliefs of a man, John Calvin, which include predestination, no free will in humans, & total depravity in mankind. 

The Congregationalist church (The Puritans) – 1583 AD. Founded by a man, Robert Brown, in Holland.  Broke away from the Church of England. Brown rejected, among other things, the authority of bishops. One Puritan, named Oliver Cromwell, got involved in the English Civil War, and overthrew Charles I in 1646.  Cromwell and the British government were also responsible for the subjugation and killing of hundreds of thousands of Irish Catholics, who were also forbidden to say Mass, wear green, and sing patriotic songs.

The Unitarian church – 1568 AD.  Started in Poland but died out.  It was soon replaced by a man, John Biddle, in 1645 AD. The Unitarians do not believe in the Trinitarian God.

The Episcopalian church – 1784 AD. Founded by a man, Samuel Seabury in the American Colonies & is an offshoot of the Church of England.  They believe in women priests and bishops, artificial birth control, and they accept homosexuality as being normal and good despite Romans 1:26-27.  The Episcopalian Church is currently undergoing a 21rst Century reformation of itself, with individual congregations breaking away from their own hierarchy over the question of scriptural inerrancy concerning homosexuality.  Another proof that the doctrine of "scripture alone" without an infallible Magisterium to interpret it based on sacred Tradition is false.  It seems that the Episcopal Church is more concerned with going along with the current trend of society than it is in being true to what scripture says about homosexuality.

 The Quakers - 1647 AD.  Founded by a man, George Fox, in England. Also called The Society of Friends, although they originally called themselves "Children of Light". They acknowledge absolutely no authority higher than what Fox called the "inner light" of personal revelation.

The Methodist church – 1739 AD.  Founded by men, John, and Charles Wesley, in England. The Wesley brothers were originally Anglican ministers who started a revival movement that eventually became Methodism.  Yet another reformation of the reformation.

The Evangelical church – 1803 AD.  Founded by a man, Jacob Albright, originally a Methodist, who broke away and founded his own church.

The Mormon church – 1829 AD.  Also call themselves "Latter Day Saints", were founded by a man, Joseph Smith in Palmyra, New York, in 1829.  They are polytheists who someday hope to become a god of their own planet. after death.  They believe that God the Father was a good Mormon on another planet and was so great that he became the god of our planet.  They also believe that Jesus and lucifer were brothers on that former planet.

The Seventh Day Adventists – 1831 AD.  Founded by a man, William Miller in New York.  Based on his study of the prophecy of Daniel 8:14, Miller calculated that Jesus would return to earth sometime between 1843 and 1844. This prediction is although the bible says that no one will be able to predict when the Second Coming of Jesus will be (Matthew 24:36).

Jehovah's Witnesses – 1872 AD.  Founded by a man, Charles Taze Russell, as the "Millennial Darwinists." In 1931, Judge Rutherford, his successor, decided that henceforth they would be called, Witnesses of Jehovah, or Jehovah's Witness. The JWs deny the divinity of Christ, the resurrection of the body, and refuse to take blood transfusions.

The Christian Scientists – 1879 AD.  Founded by a woman, Mary Baker Eddy in Massachusetts.  They also refuse blood transfusions and medical care, although the gospel writer Luke was a physician. 

Assemblies of God-1901 AD. Founded by a man, Charles Parham, in Topeka Kansas. They believe in the Baptism of the Spirit, miracle healings and speaking in tongues.

The Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ/Christian Church.  Arose from the Restoration movement of the early 19th century in the US. The first started by a man, Barton W. Stone started at Cane Ridge, Kentucky and named themselves solely as "Christians". The second started in western Pennsylvania and was headed by a man, Thomas Campbell and his son, Alexander Campbell. The Restoration Movement broke apart into different groups, primarily the "Church of Christ," "Christian Church," and "Disciples of Christ." They believe in Sola Scriptura. Some even refer to the Churches of Christ as an expression of the ‘Stone-Campbell Movement’. Churches of Christ today still define themselves as a Movement not a Denomination

The following were founded by men within the last 50 years: Church of the Nazarene, Pentecostal Gospel, Holiness Church, Pilgrim Holiness Church, 


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Anniversary weekend January 21-23, 2012. The Cardinal is challenging us all to be active witnesses for the sanctity of life. Read the Cardinal's letter here. Archdiocese of Chicago December 28, 2011 Feast of the Holy Innocents Dear Father, "A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud...



2013/2014 Officers:

President: Becky Murzyn

Vice President: Diane Tuegel

Secretary: Ruth Ruff

Treasurer: Laura Harris

Trustees: Mary Lou Arns, Lori Volk

Past President and 2nd year Trustee: Barbara Simeo

Mission Statement

The Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary mission is to assist the Knights of Columbus Holy Ghost Coucil #4977 enriching the parish community through charitable work, leadership, and spirituality. We share the goals of the Knights of Columbus to honor Church and community through prayer and action. We develop our own special projects and fundraising events as well as support the Knights and other Church ministries.

History/ About Us

We serve the faith communities of St. Theresa, & St. Thomas of Villanova, Catholic Churches in Palatine IL. Conceived on 2/25/08,  we met on 4/8/08 for election of officers and held our first meeting on 5/13/08. Officers of the Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary were installed at a joint Installation dinner with the Knights of Columbus Holy Ghost Council 4977 on 6/20/08. The women of the Auxiliary come from all ages and all walks of life. We enthusiastically welcome new members and new ideas. We are one family under God united by faith to serve Church and Community.