Activities for 2012/2013 year

Monthly activites included pick-up and delivery of donated

Panera baked products to local charities & food pantries

10+ times per month. Charities including but not limited to:

The Carmlite Monastery, STOV food pantry, St. Theresa,

St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly/Little Sisters of the Poor,

Greencastle of Palatine, Miles Jesu, CEDA NW, Society of

Divine Word Missions, Maryville Academy, Christian

Appalachia Project, Appalachia Service Project, Mount St. Joseph

& others. Eucharistic Adoration at St. Theresa Church, providing

desserts to the St. Theresa Hospitality Committee for

"Welcoming Sunday".


In May Auxiliary members attended the annual Knights of

Columbus convention in Lombard winning six KC awards &

numerous door prizes. Awards won incuded: Best Council/

Auxiliary Joint Function Award (plaque), Community  Award

(plaque), Church Award (plaque),Public Relations Certificate

- 3rd place,  Scrapbook Certificate & plaque - 2nd place AA

division, and Lady of the Year; enjoyed a Cinco de Mayo

Party at the regualr monthly meeting, held a 3-day  garage

sale to raise funds for charity, assisted at the annual KC

dinner for the Intelletually Disabled  (the KC distributed

thousands of dollars in checks to numerous charities), they

assisted at the 40th ordination anniversary reception for

Fr. Tom, Pastor of St. Thomas  of Villanova, & assisted the

St. Theresa Respect Life with the annual Mothers Day flower

sale to benefit the Women's Center, all of this in the first 1/2

of the month! May "Lady of the Month" was Mary C. Powers


In June, auxiliary members joined others from Palatine

in participating in the rally in downtown Chicago in support

of Relgious Freedom; held a joint installation dinner with

the Knights of Columbus when newly elected officers were

sworn in; participated in the "Fortnight for Freedom" in which

the US Catholic Bishops called for all Catholics to unite for 2

weeks of focused prayer and fasting for a reversal of the HHS

Mandate and to restore our religious liberty. Auxiliary Pres.

Barbara Simeo presented awards to several auxiliary

members. Lady of the Month was Connie West.


In July Auxiliary members walked with the Knights of Columbus

in the 4th of July parade, volunteered with Feed My Starving

Children, volunteered to help serve over 800 service personnel

at Great Lakes Naval Base, attended Joseph and the Amazing

Technicolor  Dreamcoat play at St. Thomas (cast included Auxiliary

member Connie West), and served lunch to the participants of the

Pro-Life Action League's Truth Tour. At the monthly meeting, the

first for the new Board, Auxiliary members enjoyed appetizers and

desserts in celebration of Independence D.ay


In August Auxiliary members enjoyed BINGO at the monthly

meeting, conducted by Mary Kittler.


























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History of Christian Churches

Lutheran Church founded by Martin Luther in 1517

Church of England founded by King Henry VIII in 1534

Presbyterian Church founded by John Knox in 1560

Protestant Episcopalian Church founded by Samuel Seabury in the 17th century

Congregationalist Church founded by Robert Brown in 1582

Methodist Church founded by John & Charles Wesley in 1744

Unitarian Church founded by Theophilus Lindley in 1774

Morman Church (Latter Day Saints) founded by Joseph Smith in 1829

Baptist Church founded by John Smyth in 1606

Dutch Reformed Church founded by Michaelis Jones in 1628

Salvation Army  founded by William Booth in 1865

Christian Scientist Church founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879

The following were founded by men within the last 50 years:

      Church of the Nazarene, Pentecostal Gospel, Holiness Church, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Jehova's Witnesses

Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in the year 33.  (see  Matthew 16: 17-20)



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KC/ Auxiliary Memorabilia

19.05.2012 21:11
Anyone interested in buying Knights of Columbus and Ladies Auxiliary items, can call The English Company, Inc. at 1-800-444-5632 and request a free catalog.  They are designated official suppliers and manufacturers of these items.



28.04.2012 10:34
Join the Boycott! Help fight Planned Parenthood by refusing to do business with corporations that fund its deadly agenda. Did you know that the following corporations are boycott targets? Pernod Ricard (alcoholic beverages, including Absolute, Ballantine's, Beefeater, Bancott...


Newman Society Report on Catholic College Scandals

27.04.2012 11:49
BREAKING NEWS: Another Notre Dame Scandal! Our investigative team just reported this... The University of Notre Dame has invited Dr. Thomas Quinn--who facilitates family planning and condom distribution projects at the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health--to deliver a commencement...


Newly Elected Officers

23.04.2012 12:52
Newly elected Officers for the 2012/2013 year are: President: Mary Lou Arns Vice-President: Becky Murzyn Secretary: Diane Tuegel Treasurer: Laura Harris Trustees: Connie West                 Lori...


letter from Cardinal George

08.01.2012 21:19
Anniversary weekend January 21-23, 2012. The Cardinal is challenging us all to be active witnesses for the sanctity of life. Read the Cardinal's letter here. Archdiocese of Chicago December 28, 2011 Feast of the Holy Innocents Dear Father, "A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud...


In Memory

11.06.2011 14:44
Our auxiliary sister Marilyn passed away Saturday June 11, 2011. May the Lord wrap His loving arms around her, have mercy on her soul and grant her eternal life and peace in the company of His angels.       Remembered Joy ...


Auxiliary Awards

15.07.2010 21:02
Awards received at the annual State of Illinois Knights of Columbus Convention 2008/2009 IL State KC Outstanding Ladies Auxiliary  2009/2010 IL State KC Outstanding Ladies Auxiliary 2009/2010 IL State KC First Place Scrapbook 2010/2011 IL State KC Aux. Service Award for...


2010/2011 HGLA "Lady of the Year"

12.05.2010 14:21
The Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary "Lady of the Year" for 2010/2011 was  Juliana Tragasz. for her service to the Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary, the Knights of Columbus, the Church and the Community.


Franciscan Renewal Center Retreat/ Catholics CAN come home

11.10.2009 15:10
    There is NO fee. These sessions are not intended to pull people back into the church, rather to invite them to consider that possibility. The Catholics Can Come Home program makes the assumption that God meets us wherever we are on our faith journeys. That's good news! People have...


2012/2013 Officers

Mary Lou Arns
Becky Murzyn
Laura Harris
Diane Tuegel
 Connie West
Lori Volk
Paula Franz  
1st. Year Trustee (PP)
Barbara Simeo

Monthly Meetings for 2011/2012

Jun   14, 2011**
Jul    12, 2011**
Aug  09, 2011*
Sep  13, 2011*
Oct   11, 2011 NO MEETING
Nov  15, 2011*
Dec  13, 2011***
Jan  10, 2012**
Feb  14, 2012***
Mar  13, 2012**
Apr  10, 2012*
May 08, 2012**
Jun  12, 2012*
-All meeting start at 7PM, Officers meet at 7PM one week prior to regular meeting.

*     St. Theresa Church Pauline Center Bernadine Suite 101
**   St. Thomas of Villanova Rowley Center MR A &  B
*** Alexian Brothers Medical Building Auditorium in AH

Mission Statement

The Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary mission is to assist the Knights of Columbus Holy Ghost Coucil #4977 enriching the parish community through charitable work, leadership, and spirituality. We share the goals of the Knights of Columbus to honor Church and community through prayer and action. We develop our own special projects and fundraising events as well as support the Knights and other Church ministries.

History/ About Us

We serve the faith communities of St. Theresa, St. Thomas of Villanova, and Immaculate Conception Catholic Churches in Palatine IL. Conceived on Feb. 25, 2008,  we met on April  8, 2008 for election of officers and held our first meeting on May 13, 2008. Officers of the Holy Ghost Ladies Auxiliary were installed at a joint Installation dinner with the Knights of Columbus Holy Ghost Council 4977 on June 20, 2008. The women of the Auxiliary come from all ages and all walks of life. We enthusiastically welcome new members and new ideas. We are one family under God united by faith to serve Church and Community. The Auxiliary has recievd numerous awards from the Illinois State Council of the Knights of Columbus listed elsewhere on our website.