Auxiliary Awards

15.07.2010 21:02

Awards received at the annual State of Illinois Knights of Columbus Convention

2008/2009 IL State KC Outstanding Ladies Auxiliary

 2009/2010 IL State KC Outstanding Ladies Auxiliary

2009/2010 IL State KC First Place Scrapbook

2010/2011 IL State KC Aux. Service Award for service to the poor in Appalachia

 2010/2011 IL State KC Third Place Scrapbook

2010/2011   Honorable Mention in Recognition for Exceptional Efforts in Ministry with Volunteer Church Service & KC Team Activities

 2010/2011 IL State KC 2nd. Place for Most Effort in Advertising KC Joint Functions, Programs & Service Projects

2011/2012 IL State KC Best Council/Auxiliary Joint Function Award/Plaque

2011/2012 IL State KC Church Award/Plaque

2011/2012  IL State KC Community Award/Plaque

2011/2012 Public Relations Certficate Third Place

2011/2012 Second place in AA Division Scrapbook Certificate and Plaque

2011/2012 IL KC  State Auxiliary Lady of the Year- Juli Tragasz