Catholic Girls Summer Camp




    Miles Jesu Ave Cor Mariae Summer Camp for Girls and Young Women

    The 2010 Summer Camp will be held July 3-July 10, 2010.
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    As part of our Catholic Youth Formation, Miles Jesu offers an annual Summer Camp for Girls ages 10-16. (Ages 17 and older as assistant leaders by approved application only.) The camp gives girls the opportunity to learn the truths of the Catholic Faith, positive values and practical skills of the home as well as enjoying outdoor sports and recreation in a fun, secure and spiritual atmosphere.


    The Ave Cor Mariae Summer Camp is held at Reynoldswood Christian Camp in Dixon, Illinois (hometown of President Reagan!), about two hours west of Chicago. It is comprised of 175 acres of woods and meadows with various summer cabins and tree-houses scattered along the wooded trails. All activities are conducted in a supervised and safe atmosphere; lifeguards on duty for all swimming and canoeing events.


    • Daily Mass & Rosary
    • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    • Confession & Catholic Questions
    • Etiquette Classes
    • Basketball, Volleyball
    • Archery
    • Hiking & Hayrides
    • Swimming & Canoeing
    • Cookouts
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Skits & Talent Show
    • 4th of July Fireworks


    Cost includes transportation to and from the Chicago airports (for out-of-staters), lodging, meals (from Sat. July 3 dinner through Sat. July 10 breakfast), all activities and materials, all classes and Catholic instruction.

    1st immediate family member $285.00
    Any other family member $225.00

    Non-refundable deposit of $50.00 due by April 15, 2010.
    Full payment due by June 1, 2010.
    (Attendance for full duration of the camp is required.)

    What Should You Bring?

    • Sleeping bag, sheet, pillow
    • Bath towel, soap, toiletries
    • Jacket or sweater
    • Modest play clothes
    • Modest one-piece swimsuit
    • Modest dress/skirt & blouse
    • Dress sandals/shoes for chapel
    • Tennis shoes
    • Waterproof flip-flops/sandals
    • Rosary

    (One piece of luggage only, plus sleeping bag, because this is a real camp!)

    Dress Code for all Campers and Camp Leaders

    Comfortable, modest clothing. (No denim blue jeans or hip huggers, tight pants, low cut or tank tops, sleeveless blouses, short shorts or any ‘sexy’ styles.) Dress for Mass required: below knee-level skirt or dress, nice blouse, dressy sandals or shoes. (No flip-flops allowed for Chapel.) This is an elite camp, and Dress Code is essential to its success. All must come with appropriate attire. There are lots of camps, but this one is special!

    Travel Information

    Out-of-staters will be met by Camp Leaders at Chicago’s Midway and O’Hare Airports on Saturday, July 3rd, and embark on a two-hour scenic ride to Reynoldswood Camp. On Saturday, July 10th, they will be taken back to the airport to catch their return flights. Tri-staters will be provided with a map and directions to the campsite.

    Plan ahead! Please schedule flight arrivals on July 3rd by 1:00PM and departures on July 10 for 2:00PM or later.

    For more information or to register, contact Jessica in Chicago at (773) 262-0861.

    Register Early! Space is Limited and Expected to Fill Quickly!

    What Some of Our Campers Had to Say...

    “Ave Cor Mariae Camp brought me closer to God! I am pretty sure that this camp will influence my life FOREVER. God willing, i can come back next year.”
    –Isabel (14)

    Another camper, thankful for the opportunity to go to confession said, “it was such a blessing to be able to visit Jesus in the chapel whenever i wanted to. Thank you so much to Father [Christopher Foeckler, MJ] for sitting in the hot sun for so many hours and being available for confessions.”

    [I learned not to]“judge a person by how they look on the outside, [but] it’s all about the inside.”
    –Maria (11)

    “The biggest thing i learned was how to make friends and fit in,” another camper said. “I loved the friendship of everyone—how willing they were to include ALL the girls. This experience brought me closer to God and helped me to become a more patient, kinder person.”

    The overall experience of this year’s camp was summed up by Lorraine (13). “I liked camp because it was fun and it was a good, holy week. I met a lot of nice people and became friends with them,” she said. “Even though i didn’t win any races (i think i came in last), i still had a lot of fun at those. And most of all, you get to visit Jesus in Adoration and go to confession any day.”

    Daily Mass is celebrated during the Girls' Camp.

    The girls and young women have a fun, faith filled experience at the Ave Cor Mariae Summer Camp.

    Girls can learn archery.

    Campers have many opportunities for swimming and having fun.

    Roasting marshmallows and camp cookouts.

    Campers have the opportunity to express their talents.

    "Tree house" at the camp.




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