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We join with the Illinois State Council Knights of Columbus in their renewed commitment to life. As such, in addition to the resources for assistance, we provide other links for education on various life/family/women's issues. Just click on the link for more information.

NOTE: We make every attempt to check websites listed to insure that the domains have not been sold and the content changed.  If you find that one of these links is no longer for the organization listed, please let us know so we can update the information. Thank you. 

Help for children of divorce and death:

1.  Rainbows (dedicated to helping youth with grief associated with divorce, death, abandonment, or other life altering change in their family.)

 Teaching documents  and Resources for Assistance on Life  and Family issues:

1. Human Cloning (cuts past euphemisms to expose the facts about what some call "therapeutic cloning.) Americans to Ban Cloning

2. RU486  ( Factual medical information about the abortion drug)

3. Stem Cell Research ( up to date articles, testimony, news, and research on stem cells)
    "Do no Harm" The coalition of Americans for Research Ethics.

4.  Abortion Aftermath (Church's outreach to women and men suffering from  abortion, contact information for Project Rachel offices nationwide, professional  articles on abortion aftermath and women's personal stories).

5. Daily e-mails and statements from the Holy See.  Zenit International News Agency.      also The Holy See

6.  National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (public Policy/grassroots mobilization experts).  and

7.  Life Insight ( newsletter on abortion and related issues)United States Council of Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Pro-life Activities

8.  Life Saving Treatments and Vegetative States(papers presented at the International Congress)

9.  Medical Code of Ethics- American Medical Association

10. Catholic Medical Association

11. American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health and Aging

12.International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force

13. National Catholic Office for Persons with Disabilities

14. National Association of Pro-life Nurses

15. Senior Health Care Organization

16. Children of God For Life (info. on use of aborted babies in production of childhood

Marriage help:

1.Marriage Savers (Preparing, Strengthening & Restoring marriages)

 Clergy Training/Outreach:

1. Priests for Life (provides education and support for pro-life religious)

2. Sisters of Life (active religious community dedicated to protecting and advancing a sense of sacredness for all human life)

3. Deacons for Life

4. Seminarians for Life

5. Missionaries for Life (Catholic Religious order founded by Fr. Frank Pavone promoting the culture of life)

Post-Abortion Healing/ Infant loss support:

1. Rachel's Vineyard(a safe place to renew, rebuild, & redeem hearts broken by abortion- retreats) 

2. Silent No More( an effort to make public aware of effects of abortion on women,men and their families-  by post abortive women)

3. Project Rachel (post-abortion help for women and men)

4. SHARE (pregnancy & infant loss support)

Political Parties for Life:

1. Republican National Coalition for Life(committed to education and maintaining the pro-life platform in the Republican Party)

2. Democrats for Life of America (a national organization for pro-life members of the Democrat Party)

3. Libertarians for Life (political group with scientific and philisophical opposition to abortion)

4. Vote Life America ( educates abortionists neighbors, educates public on abortion position of political candidates)

5. Vote For Life First(pro life leaders in Illinois)

6. Left-Out (pro-life liberals and feminists)

7. Pro-life Campaign Committee (mission to save unborn babies from abortion)

Women's Issues/Health issues/ Family issues:

1. Coalition on Abortion Breast Cancer (provides studies and facts on connection between abortion and breast cancer)

2. Feminists For Life (promotes feminism with a pro-life stance, emphasizing non-violence)

3. Breast Cancer Prevention Institute (dedicated to helping women prevent breast cancer through education)

4. Family Life Institute (pastoral program for couples experiencing infertility)

5.  Couple to Couple League (dedicated to building healthy families, promotion of Natural Family Planning)

6. Before Cana (offering single men and women spiritual formation in preparation for dating and married life)

7. Protect Marriage Illinois (protecting marriage as one man, one woman)

Catholic Organizations/ Ecumenical Outreach:

1. National Catholic Family Conference(conference to strengthen Catholic families)

2. Archdiocese of Chicago Respect Life Office( to transform society to a culture of life)

3. Gospel of Life Ministries (dedicated to assisting disciples of Jesus Christ to promote and defend the sanctity of life against the evil of abortion)

4. Life on the Line (electronic media promoting life issues)

5. National Catholic Bioethics Center( association that researches & reflects on moral issues arising in health care)

6. Vatican Website

7. Catholics United for Faith( organized to pray &  witness for all innocent human life especially the pre-born)

8. Secretariat for Pro-life activities US Council of Catholic Bishops

9. Knights of Columbus

10. Human Life International (worldwide Catholic Organization dedicated to upholding the values of human life in full conformity to teachings of Catholic faith)

11. American Life League (Roman Catholic pro-life group supports life through activism & legislation)

12. Consistent Life ("Seamless Garment")(committed to protection of life threatened by war, poverty, abortion, racism, capital punishment)     www.

13. The Coming Home Network (for fallen away Catholics and non-Catholics searching for the truth)

 Pregnancy Help:

1. PHD (Pregnancy Help with Dignity)(practical assistance for needy pregnant women)

2. Aid For Women (empowering individuals to make choices consistent with dignity of the human person)

3.  The Women's Center ( reachs desperate women with a message of hope and help)

4. Care Net (Christian pregnancy outreach)

Prenatal Partners for Life (for parents facing adverse pregnancy diagnoses)

6. Women's Choice Services ( pregnancy assistance)  

Youth Outreach/ Education:

1. Generations (pro-life youth outreach)    www,

2. Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust ( pro-life youth activism for those born after 1973)

3.  Ignite Your Torch (catholic youth conference teaching youth the practical ways to build the culture of life)

4. Students for Life of America (directory of pro-life campus groups)

5. Crossroads Pro-life (youth walking across America for life)

6. University Faculty for Life (scholarship, philosophy & dialogue supporting the pro-life position)

7. LEARN (Life Education & Resource Network- Network of pro-life homeschooling families)

8. Homeschooler's for Life (pro-life organization for home schoolers)

9. Youth outreach( Campus Pro-life 101- research & education)

10.  The Christophers (use print & electronic media to spread the message you can make a difference)

11. Life Athletes (professional & Olympic athletes who are committed to living lives of virtue, abstinence and respect for human life)

Help  for the poor:

1. Cross International Catholic Outreach (delivering food, shelter and hope to the poorest of the poor)

2. Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (helping the poor world-wide)

3. Catholic Relief Services (for those who hear the cry of the poor and answer with compassion)

4. St. Joseph's Home for the Aged (care for the poor elderly)

5.  Food for the Poor (goal to end suffering of poor in Caribbean and Latin America)

6. Journeys from PADS to HOPE (emergency shelter for homeless)

 Legal/Medical pro-life organizations:

1. Physicians for Life (educating on abortion, stem cell research, abstinence, teen pregnancy. euthanasia, and misdiagnoses of PVS)

2. Life Legal Defense Foundation (defending the innocent)

3. Medical Ethics Alliance (promoting pro-life policies dedicated to the discussion of medical ethical issues)

4. Center for Bio-ethical Reform (promotes right to life of unborn, disabled, infirm, aged, and vulnerable through education)

5. Children of God For Life (understanding stem cell research and hidden truth behind vaccines from aborted babies)

6. National Pro-life Alliance (non-partisan coalition united to overturn Roe V. Wade)

7. American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ ( dedicated to protecting religious freedom, specializing in constitutional law and protecting the unborn)

8. American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Peaceful pro-life activism/ education on life issues/ newsletters:

1. Pro Life Action League (peaceful activism through education)

2. Life Dynamics (facts on abortion and deception of Planned Parenthood

3. National Right to Life (access to abortion alternatives and education)

4. Operation Rescue (dedicated to peacefully ending abortion in America)

5. Life (pro-life news source)

6. Illinois Right to Life (support and education on life issues)

8. Pro-life Across America  (committed to bringing positive,persuasive messages offering information and alternatives to those in need "The billboard people")

9. Human Life Alliance ( dedicated to protecting human life from conception to natural death)

10.Washington DC Outreach (National Pro-life Action Center)

 Help for unwanted children post-birth:

1. Rest In His Arms (dedicated to providing Christian funeral services for deceased abandoned babies)

2. Save Abandoned Babies Foundation (safe haven for unwanted babies- NO QUESTIONS ASKED)

News articles about abortion/chastity and related issues:

1.   Love Matters

 2. Abortion in cases of rape?   and

3. Abortion deaths

4. Abortion injuries (expert legal advice  Legal Action for Women)

5. Overpopulation myths

6. Help for Father's of aborted babies
    Men's Abortion Recovery Ministries
    Fathers and Brothers Ministries

7. The story of Norma Mc Corvey the "Roe" of Roe V. Wade

8. Former Abortionists stories (meet the abortion providers)

9 .Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger, a racist?

10. Birth Control Pill health risks ( Can the pill, kill you?)

11. Several Sources Foundation ( offers homes and resources for pregnant women and their babies)    or    or

12.Natural Family Planning reduces divorce rate

13. Rock for Life (National youth and College Groups)

14. Genocide Awareness Project

15. Sex Respect ( chastity resources, abstinence groups)

16.  True Love Waits (chastity and abstinence groups)

17.  Project Reality (chastity and abstinence groups)      www.

18. Adoption Options

19. Pregnancy Help Centers

20. Pro-life OB/GYNS

21. Sexual addiction helplines

22. Pharmacists for Life

23. The story of Sandra Cano the "Doe" of Doe V. Bolton   and

24. Stand Up Girl (for teens/young adult females. "Been there" girls speak up assisting with unplanned pregnancy

Catholic Parenting:

 1.  and provides a lot of useful information for Catholics raising children.

Pro-Life Research foundations:

1.. The Michael Fund (alternative to March of Dimes)

2. The Abortion Breast Cancer Connection (alternative to Susan Komen Foundation) www.

PROLIFE SEARCH ENGINE:- proceeds donated to pro-life causes

100% of funds raised go to pro-life efforts.  The internets ONLY pro-life search engine.


2. Choose Life License Plates

 Family Entertainment:

 1.  Feature Films for Families