Prayer of St. Albert of Trapani (Carmelite)

Note: St. Albert was born of noble parents at Trapani Sicily. He was consecrated before his birth to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and when he was very young he entered her order at Messina. He was distinguished for his great devotion to the Blessed Virgin and for his angelic purity. After a life full of virtues and miracles, he died near Messina on August 7, 1306. At his funeral two angels appeared to all who were in the church and intoned the Mass of Confessors instead of the Requiem Mass that was about to be said.


The use of water blessed with a relic of the Saint for the cure of the sick and particularly in cases of fever, is well established in the Order of Carmel. It is still efficacious in our day. The custom is of heavenly origin. St. Albert was suffering a serious illness and had recourse to the Blessed Virgin. She appeared to him, holding a cup of water which she offered to him to drink. He implored her to bless the water and upon drinking it, he was immediately cured.


Afire with charity for his neighbor, St. Albert asked Our Lady to grant healing power to all water which he would bless in her own name. His prayer was granted. He used this power during his life and has continued to exercise it since his death by means of his relics.


In many Carmelite Monasteries water is blessed using a relic of St. Albert, especially on his feast day, August 7.


Antiphon & Prayer: (to be said while using St. Albert's Blessed Water)


O Albert, patron of the clean of heart, beg the Mother of Mercy that in this vale of tears she may defend us from all stain so that, having put off our mortal body, we may enjoy everlasting rest.

V. The Lord loved and adorned him

R. A stole of glory he has put upon him



     O God, Who called Blessed Albert, your Confessor, to the Order of your holy Mother, grant, we beseech you, that by his merits and example we may worthily serve you and, together with him, enjoy eternal goods. You who live and reign, world without end, amen.

     Omnipotent God, grant we beseech you, by the virtue of the benediction of this water, by the merits of the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and by the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary, St. Albert and all the Saints, that all the faithful who drink this water with devotion and confidence, may obtain health of soul and body, and persevere in your divine service. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.