Newman Society Report on Catholic College Scandals

27.04.2012 11:49

BREAKING NEWS: Another Notre Dame Scandal!

Our investigative team just reported this...

The University of Notre Dame has invited Dr. Thomas Quinn--who facilitates family planning and condom distribution projects at the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health--to deliver a commencement address next month.

Moreover, Quinn will be honored as Notre Dame's Distinguished Alumnus for 2012, apparently in violation of the U.S. bishops' ban on such honors...

...and just when our bishops are fighting the Obama administration to preserve Catholic universities' right to uphold Catholic teaching on contraceptives!


We've been shining the light on commencement scandals for years now, and I'd like to give you a preview of what we found this year.  (See below.)

Meanwhile, your support for this and other efforts to renew Catholic identity at Catholic colleges would be greatly appreciated!  Please make a gift here.

The Cardinal Newman Society reported last month that Saint Joseph College in Connecticut is bestowing an honorary degree on its pro-abortion rights, pro-same sex "marriage" governor.

And after we reported that Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu will speak and be honored at Gonzaga University's commencement--despite his support for abortion rights--alumni started a petition that has gained national media attention!

Look, this is bad...but Catholics are taking a stand, the number of commencement scandals at Catholic colleges declined from 24 in 2006 to 14 last year.


The Cardinal Newman Society has been shining the light on Catholic colleges since 1993!  Please help us continue this important and successful work.  (Donate here.)

Because there are growing signs of renewal in the Church...

...such as Bishop Robert McManus' demand that Anna Maria College withdraw the invitation to its first choice for commencement speaker.

Bishop McManus said he wanted to "send out a clarion call to our Catholic colleges about refocusing on their Catholic identity and mission."


That's the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society, to bring Catholic universities back to their mooring in the Faith.  And CNS has work to do!

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Because every day we're finding new commencement scandals such as these, which will be included in our special report next week:


  • On May 12, a Catholic university will present an honorary degree to a governor who supports abortion rights and same-sex "marriage."
  • Another Catholic university will present a politician who supports same-sex "marriage" on May 18, then honor a Congresswoman who advocates abortion rights on May 19.
  • On May 20, a Catholic university will honor a businessman who opposed California's Prop. 8 and lectured the U.S. bishops in support of women's ordination.

But as I said, the number of commencement scandals at Catholic colleges has declined since 2006, and we hope to see another decline this year.

That's a testament to the effectiveness of The Cardinal Newman Society, with the prayers and generous support of faithful members.

There are hundreds of thousands of us who support our bishops and the struggle to defend the Catholic faith on Catholic college and university campuses!

Want proof?

In 2009, more than 367,000 people signed The Cardinal Newman Society's petition supporting the 83 bishops who opposed Notre Dame's honor to President Barack Obama.

CNS is ready and able to keep the pressure on wayward Catholic colleges...


...but we must hae the support of as many faithful Catholics as possible to continue working for true renewal!

By clicking here to make a secure online contribution, you're sending a message that Catholics will settle for nothing less than faithful Catholic teaching on our campuses.

The better The Cardinal Newman Society shines the light on abuses, the harder it becomes to mislead unsuspecting Catholic families!

The dissidents on Catholic campuses know their hold on Catholic education is slipping.

As evidenced by The Cardinal Newman Society's reports, the bishops and the lay faithful are watching and expecting fidelity from their Catholic colleges.


Nothing less than the highest standards of Catholic identity will do.

And as more Catholic universities follow the lead of the faithful Catholic institutions profiled in our Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, the future becomes clear.

With your help, The Cardinal Newman Society will never stop working for the renewal of Catholic identity.

And your support is invaluable!  Please make a secure contribution online or by mail at 9415 West Street, Manassas, VA 20110.

We will release our annual commencement report next week and promise to leave no stone unturned.

Let's make Catholic colleges and universities safe for future generations.  If we work together, a new dawn is sure to break for Catholic higher education!


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Thank you, and may God bless you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Patrick J. Reilly


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